November 2nd, 2006

elf hill
  • elisem

helpfulness: a copying task, near or far, with or without embellishment

[This is crossposted with minor edits from my own LJ, where it was originally posted yesterday. I was reminded that putting something here would be a sensible thing to do, so here you go.]

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Addendum: Whatever languages you want to use, sure, go ahead. Mike always was a walking occasion of adding new knowledge, and it'll move me to learn which people I know speak which languages and can help me read something.

There are some replies already in the post on my LJ, including a hilarious idea about an Ask Dr. Mike whiteboard page, in case you want to see some of the lines people are thinking along. Thank you very much. Your creativity is a blessing. He always did make people want to make art. Or engineering. And often both.