December 19th, 2006

cat Max

Immortal Tales

Found this poem and it reminded me of Mike, and his imense range of work, and the way his books and poems are getting passed around now.

Best wishes to all,

yeshe choden

"Dead Men Tell No Tales"

They say that dead men tell no tales!

Except of barges with red sails
And sailors mad for nightingales;

Except of jongleurs stretched at ease
Beside old highways through the trees;

Except of dying moons that break
The hearts of lads who lie awake;

Except of fortresses in shade,
And heroes crumbled and betrayed.

But dead men tell no tales, they say!

Except old tales that burn away
The stifling tapestries of day:

Old tales of life, of love and hate,
Of time and space, and will, and fate.

--Haniel Long, 1888-1956
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