Patrick Nielsen Hayden (pnh) wrote in nemesis_draco,
Patrick Nielsen Hayden

As ksp24's updated entry below says, Teresa and I will be "hosting" the potluck wake for Mike following Friday's memorial service and reception.

This will be at 7 PM in Room 215 of the Sheraton-Bloomington-Formerly-Radisson-South at 7800 Normandale Blvd, familiar in story and song.

We interpret "hosting" to mean making sure the food and drink gets set out, that spills get promptly cleaned and corn chips don't get trampled into the carpet, that all the logistics happen in a more or less coordinated fashion, and generally, that everyone has as good a time as possible. Also, that the room gets given back to the hotel with minimal wear and tear.

We know that many people have volunteered to help, but it would be good if they could get in touch directly with us, as elisem has viral laryngitis and is rather overwhelmed. Please email me at or phone me on my mobile, 917-568-4909. We particularly need people willing to show up on site an hour early (i.e., at 6 PM) and also people willing to stay up late and help pack everything away. (It seems to us reasonably likely that "late" is going to mean "very late.") And we could also use one or two sturdy people with good backs to help us with a supply run on Friday morning.

Once again, this is a potluck. Bring food and drink! In order to avoid the Five Identical Lime Jello Salads problem (known to professionals as the "Utah Dilemma"), we will shortly be announcing the name of a Potluck Coordinator whom you can all phone or email in order to find out what we do and don't need. Watch this space.

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