davey (damascene) wrote in nemesis_draco,

Books, Brunch, and a Field Trip

Mike was GoH at Boskone 34 in 1997. (I was the con chair; it was in the course of crafting that con that we came to be friends.) As usually happens, NESFA Press published a showcase book of Mike's work, From the End of the Twentieth Century.

At the NESFA meeting a couple of weeks ago, the membership voted a donation to the John M. Ford Memorial Book Endowment, but not a check. We're a publisher. They're getting books, that they'll put Endowment bookplates into. (We phoned the Friends an offer; they sent us a list. Heh.)

This Saturday afternoon, gerisullivan and I and my partner Chip are going to take boxes and armloads of shiny new sf/f books over to the Minneapolis Public Library. They're expecting us. We have enough books for many of our friends to carry armloads with us, if anyone wants to come along. We even have tote bags. Company would be most welcome, and we can all go walkabout in Mike's library after making the donation.

Chip and I are thinking about brunch first, if anyone's interested. Hell's Kitchen, by preference. Say, 10:30am.

Library, 1:00pm.

Post a reply if you're thinking of coming? Thanks.


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