JMF writing for sale

Two bits of news which might interest people:

1. I am auctioning copies of The Dragon Waiting, Princes of the Air, and Growing Up Weightless here to support con_or_bust. The books have all been bid on, but someone might want to bid higher. There are also lots of other things up for auction. Bidding ends Sunday March 6th at 11:59 PM EST.

2. As I believe I have mentioned here before, JMF wrote two stories set in the world of Steve Jackson Games' Car Wars. One, "Alkahest: The Deathtool Solution," has been available for free for some time (as are the game notes following it).

The other "Street Legal," has not been (and neither story has ever been reprinted as far as I know). However, the issue of Space Gamer where it appeared can be purchased as a PDF for $2.99. (The issue of Autoduel Quarterly containing "Alkahest" can also be purchased, if you want a copy that isn't yellow on black without formatting it yourself.)

I don't want to oversell this - it is after all a fairly short piece of gaming fiction (plus gaming notes). On the other hand, in the hands of John M. Ford even gaming fiction could turn into something rich and strange. So if you don't happen to own the physical magazine you might want to check it out.

maybe you just had to be there,

but yesterday, Chip and I were: at the Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex (which is in reality an hour-plus drive out of Canberra on twisty little roads through some of the most "interesting" driving country outside the Scottish Highlands, so the Complex can sit in a sheep-grazing vale sheltered by hills from all the nearby electromagnetic noise).

You can easily see it from the car park: DSS-46, relocated to Canberra when the Honeysuckle Creek station was shut down. The Dish that transmitted the first images of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon.

Wow, did we both miss having Mike on that excursion.

It wasn't until we were through the Complex and back out to the car park, a couple of hours later, that we realized what the date was.




John M. Ford gaming material in charity auction

I've put some John M. Ford designed and inspired gaming material up for auction on debsliverlovers, a charity auction which is raising money to get Deb Mensinger a liver transplant.

The items (which are being offered in various combinatiosn) are:

  • Two copies of the Star Trek III boardgame set, which JMF co-designed (and which contains bits of uncollected JMF fiction).

  • The Klingons boxed set for the FASA Star Trek RPG, which JMF worked on while writing The Final Reflection>.

  • Struggle for the Throne, a FASA boardgame not designed by JMF but featuring his style of Klingons.

  • The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues, his classic adventure for Paranoia.

  • Scared Stiffs, an adventure he co-wrote for the Ghostbusters RPG, set at a convention.

  • Two copies of Superhero '44/2044, the first superhero RPG, inspired by the games he ran an Indiana University.

You can see all four of my auctions here. There are plenty of other interesting things being offered by others, of course.

Preflash, Heat of Fusion, and Chromatic Aberration

I never knew JMF personally (I don't feel I can call him Mike because of that), but I wish I had, and I love love love his writing. I think I own every book he ever wrote, and I am trying to get all the short stories as well. I fell in love with his complex and erudite way of telling a story... however, sometimes this means I don't always understand what he's getting at.

For a while I've been wanting to do a reread of all his books in this community, and I kept putting it off. However, the recent post on Heat of Fusion and Other Stories made me think, hey, an easy way to start this, anyway, would be reading his short stories! Does anyone else want to discuss his books/short stories, and maybe help me to figure out what is going on? :)

Because of apostle_of_eris's post I thought I'd start with some of the stories in that book (not coincidentally, the ones that started to be discussed in that post). Here's what I think is going on; anyone want to append or correct me?

Collapse )

What other books/stories would people like to discuss the most?

Uncollected Ford stories being auctioned for charity

If anyone is interested, I am auctioning two magazines contained uncollected John M. Ford stories as part of care_faith_hope, a charity auction to pay for urgent medical expenses (for someone else, I should clarify). The auction is here. Of course there are many other things of interest in the auction, which ends Saturday October 10th at 11:59:59 PM Pacific time (I should have posted this earlier, I know).

In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that neither of the two stories is what I would call a major piece - they're fairly light - and one is available for free online. However, even minor Ford is well worth reading, and I at least still like having paper copies of things.